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ORX KEY features:

HF coil technology (21 Frequencies ranging from 13 to 81kHz).
X35 coil technology (35 Frequencies ranging from 3.7 to 27.7kHz).
Extreme sensitivity to small targets with high frequency 50kHz and 81 kHz.
4 factory programs: Gold Prospecting (x2) – Coins and Relic (x2), + 2 user.
Trusted XP fast wireless technology: Coil – Remote – Headphones – MI-6.
The all new “WS Audio®” compact wireless headphone receiver.
Re designed ultra-light Telescopic “S” stem.
The lightest machine on the market at only 770grs (remote hip mounted).
Easy to operate with a user-friendly interface.
Wireless connectivity to the MI-6 pinpointer + advanced remote settings.
Lithium batteries, giving up to around 20 hours detecting.
Easy to charge with any certified USB charger or via computer (XP USB charger optional only)
Available with a choice of HF coils – 22cm (9’) Round or 24/13cm (9.5’/5’) Elliptical.
Compatible with the X35 coil range (22, 28, 34/28cm).
Software Update (remote control via USB cable).
Go terrain mobile app compatible (coming 2019).
5-year warranty – Made in France.
Affordable price – Suggested maximum retail price: 699€ including taxes – 799€ including taxes with wireless headphone (WSA).

ORX settings:
99 levels of sensitivity
21 frequencies (13kHz to 81kHz).
35 frequencies (3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz)
99 levels of discrimination + 5 levels of IAR Discrimination in Gold programs.
20 levels of Threshold.
4 levels of Reactivity.
Iron Tone with Pitch audio (ON/OFF)
Ground balance: manual adjustment from 60 to 90 or automatic (fast grab).
Salt mode ground rejection: 00-25
4 factory + 2user programs.
Target ID/ Iron probability.
Pinpoint function with target zoom.
Go-Terrain compatible (smartphone app coming soon).

Advanced remote settings when the ORX is paired with the MI-6 pinpointer.
50 levels of sensitivity
Audio tone from 120hz to 1582Hz
2 audio modes: PITCH or PULSE
3 factory + 1 user program
Recover a lost MI-6 (even when switched off)
Target zoom screen
Battery life indicator

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Производитель: XP (France)
Модель: ORX
Тип: Грунтовый металлоискатель
Экран (Дисплей): Есть
Электронная схема: VLF
Частота: 13-81 kHz
VDI/TargetID: Есть
Баланс грунта, авто: Есть
Баланс грунта, ручной: Есть
Звук, количество тонов: Многотонная
Отстройка помех / Сдвиг частоты: Есть
Регулировка громкости: Есть
Режим пинпоинт: Есть
Разъем для наушников: Есть


Оригинальная катушка: XP 22.5 HF Round
Питание: Аккумулятор
Вес: 0,8 кг
Длина (мин/макс): 80-130 см

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